• ID: TA870028
  • State : QLD
  • Height : 5'11 (180 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 86cm / 33'9
  • Waist : 63cm / 24'8
  • Hips : 86cm / 33'9
  • Hair Color : Auburn
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Dress Size : S-8
  • Weight : 63 kg

    I believe the biggest problem facing our environment today is the use of our limited resources both renewable and more importantly non-renewable, as natural resource depletion is a crucial current environmental problem that plagues our society. It is not only us that will suffer from consuming the Earth’s resources faster than they can be replenished, but our future generations as well. Now is the time for action.

    Overconsumption is one of the leading causes of this issue, with over 10 billion tonnes of resources being extracted from the Earth each year. Not only does this pollute our planet but it simply cannot keep up with the needs of 7 billion people and their increasing demands. Trying to meet such demands affects our supply of water, forms of energy and more importantly, our plants and animals - all noted as resources in decline.

    How can we help? It is now crucial to minimising our waste and conserve our resources. This can be done through forms of renewable energy such as solar power, conserving water, recycling and through focusing on industries such as farming that utilise many of our resources. Being environmentally friendly can be as simple as leading a plant-based diet, using recyclable packaging (not plastics) or taking shorter showers every day. As Wendell Berry stated “The Earth is what we all have in common”, so it is up to us to look after our Mother Earth in order to look after ourselves.