• ID: TA951607
  • State : NSW
  • Height : 5'8 (172 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 86cm / 33'9
  • Waist : 73cm / 28'7
  • Hips : 92cm / 36'2
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Dress Size : 8
  • Weight : 56 kg

    I believe that we make the world we live in and shape our own environment. Pollution, deforestation and global warming are major environmental issues that are threatening the wellbeing of animals, people and places we love. We are lucky to live in a country with unique flora and fauna, but over the past 200 years, 29 mammals have become extinct and now thousands of plant species and native wild and sea life are endangered. On the Great Barrier Reef, farm pollution run off is causing outbreaks of coral eating crown of thorns starfish, making the reef susceptible to coral bleaching. As inhabitants of the Earth, we can all make a difference by taking simple actions such as reducing waste, reusing items for different purposes and recycling. Participating in community events like Earth Hour, Clean Up Australia Day and Plastic Free July encourage permanent change to daily routines by creating awareness to save energy around the home, always put rubbish in the bin and use reusable cups and bags instead of plastic. A healthy environment provides us with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, medicine to heal us and healthy
    soils to grow our crops in...so by continuing to destroy it, aren't we destroying our futures?