• ID: TA857975
  • State : NSW
  • Height : 5'10 (177 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 96cm / 37'8
  • Waist : 68cm / 26'8
  • Hips : 91cm / 35'8
  • Hair Color : Dark Blonde
  • Eye Color : Green
  • Dress Size : 10
  • Weight : 69 kg

    There are many problems our environment is sadly impacted by today that it’s hard to name just one, for me many of these problems are equally important to the future of our planet and the population, e.g. climate change, pollution, waste disposal, biodiversity loss, deforestation, water scarcity and over development.
    I realised I should start with an issue that we are most guilty of contributing to every day, also the easiest for us as individuals to do something about, that would be waste disposal. The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste per year and a lot of this is avoidable. In our lifetime we will never see a piece of plastic breakdown, responsible for killing innocent marine life, disturbing ecosystems, destroying waterways and allowing us to breathe in hazardous toxins, posing an impact on humans as well. We have the power to limit this crisis, reducing the amount of waste we produce, making smarter more sustainable choices, learning more about recycling and composting and spreading these practices to family, friends and community, everybody starts somewhere. If we all show a little more love to our home planet as we do ourselves and loved ones, I have hope that ‘Mother Earth’ could one day be restored.
    Additional note: I will be volunteering for the greens in this Victoria state election on the 25th November. They have a plan to protect our environment & everything that depends on it, such as tackling the waste crisis.