The NUMBER ONE issue affecting out environment is without a doubt climate change.
It is an issue that affects every living creature on the planet.
It is a fact that sadly most energy is still generated using fossil fuels, which are made up of hydrocarbons.
It is a fact that burning hydrocarbons releases CO2 into the atmosphere, which causes global warming.
The best scientists in the world including NASA have shown a direct link between rising CO2 levels and global warming.
Our ecosystem is fragile and even a small rise in temperature can lead to DISASTER.
We are already seeing more natural disasters like hurricanes than any recorded point in human history. Rising sea levels can cause low lying cities in the future like Venice in Italy to completely submerge under water.
As humans we are not only responsible, but we have the POWER to do something about this.
This is why I believe in renewable energy like wind and solar power. If as individuals we can take responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions, together we can save the planet!