This Policy applies to those either applying for the first time, currently holding or who have previously held Media Accreditation. MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA may amend the policy from time to time. It is the responsibility of those applying for Accreditation to be familiar with the most up to date version of this policy and guidelines. MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA may, in its sole discretion, delegate any or all of its powers under this Policy, including but not limited to the power to adopt, apply, monitor and enforce this Policy.

  1. Accreditation

1.1 Process (a) Individuals may apply to obtain Media Accreditation at any time. Applications must be made via the media portal on the MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA website. (b) Applications must be made on the MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA Accreditation application form, and must comply with any requirements stated on that form or otherwise published by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA.

(c) MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA has the sole discretion to accept, vary or reject any application for Media Accreditation in part or in full. Matters that MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA may take into consideration in considering an application include but are not limited to the following:

(a) whether or not an applicant is a fit and proper person;

(ii) past history of compliance with MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA rules, policies and regulations;

(iii) whether or not an applicant has an actual or perceived conflicts of interest; and

(iv) the applicant’s qualifications and previous work.

1.2 Term

(a) Where an application is accepted by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA, the applicant will obtain Media Accreditation from MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA for the remainder of the Event in which the application is received by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA. Annually renewed.

(b) Media Accreditation (and associated media passes or other items issued with that Media Accreditation) is strictly non transferable and not for sale. Applicants issued with Media Accreditation must ensure that other individuals do not use their accreditation.

1.3 Removal of Accreditation

MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA may, in its sole discretion and at any time and for any reason, remove an individual’s Media Accreditation. Where MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA removes an individual’s Media Accreditation it is not required to provide the individual with reasons for such decision and the decision is not subject to appeal. Where MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA revoke any Media Accreditation, it is not liable in any way to the individual or to any other person for such decision.

1.4 Display of Media Accreditation

When at an Event, individuals with Media Accreditation who are making recordings must wear a valid and current media pass issued by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA at each Event


(a) Individuals with Media Accreditation give MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA a license to use, reproduce and modify any recordings they have made at an Event (including any publications or reproductions of those recordings) for the purposes of MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA operations. MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA may seek to commercialize any Event Media materials for profit under its own discretion and is undisputable.

(b) In relation to any Event Media, individuals with Media Accreditation will, within a reasonable period of time of receiving a request by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA:

(i) deliver that Event Media to MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA; and

(ii) cover the reasonable costs of complying with MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA’s request.

1.2 Release and Indemnity In both applying for and in using any Media Accreditation, all individuals agree:

(a) to assume all risk of loss or damage in attending an Event; and

(b) to the terms and conditions of MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA Media policy

(c) to the collection, processing and use of data by MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA

  1. Media Rights

MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA Media Accreditation may be granted access and other rights and privileges to make a recording at an Event, which are not normally available to spectators. The organizer of an Event has the sole right to determine what access and other rights and privileges may be granted to individuals with Media Accreditation.

  1. Recording Obligations Individuals at an Event must:

(a) comply with the MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA Media Guidelines;

(b) take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them; and

(c) comply with all:

(i) policies, procedures, rules and regulations of MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA and the Event manager or associated companies

(ii) directions issued by officials; and

(iii) laws.

  1. Consent

(a) It is the responsibility of individuals at an Event to ensure at all times that they have the necessary consent as required by law from all individuals (and potentially guardians where an individual is under the age of 18) in a recording before using that recording.

(b) Individuals at an Event should pay particular regard to recordings that may be used for commercial purposes, where the subject is under the age of 18 or where the subject may consider that a recording is potentially or actually:

(i) unwarranted or intrusive;

(ii) indecent; or

(iii) defamatory.




  1. Introduction

MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA Media Guidelines form part of that Policy and are intended to set out some basic guidelines for individuals attending Events.

  1. Guidelines Individuals at Events must at all times:

(a) follow the rules and regulations in relation to an Event and:

(i) contact the Event operator well in advance of the Event to discuss any unclear details of this policy and attend any relevant briefings organised at an Event;

(ii) only be positioned where permitted by the Event Organiser and not in any prohibited areas;

(iii) comply with all policies, rules and regulations of MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA, Event operators and directions given by officials; and

(iv) comply with all signage, barriers and other markers at the Event;

(b) be aware of their own safety and:

(i) remain on their feet and not sit down in an area not allocated to media;

(ii) stand where they can easily move in the event of an incident and avoid standing in front of culverts, walls, etc;

(iii) carry and use correctly all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE);

(iv) not create a hazard or risk to others; and

(v) not obstruct signs and other items which have been put in place for the safety of the Event;

(c) know that their awareness of their surroundings may be affected when using a camera or other media device and ensure that they:

(i) stay alert;

(ii) are aware of their environment and their restricted peripheral vision and hearing when using some devices; and

(iii) ensure that they have a clear line of sight of all potential hazards;

(d) be courteous and:

(i) be respectful of those around them and in the recordings that they make;

(ii) not intentionally make recordings which are:

(A) unwarranted or intrusive;

(B) illegal;

(C) indecent (such as “up skirt” or “down blouse” photographs taken covertly in change rooms, toilets or other invasions of privacy);

(D) being used for voyeurism or made for the purpose of observing and visually recording the other person’s genital or anal region;

(E) of a critical incident (unless directed to do so by an official);

(F) protected by a court order (e.g. child custody or witness protection); or

(G) defamatory;

(iii) cooperate with other media; and

(iv) not bring MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA into disrepute; and

(f) be careful in recording and using images of children at Events and comply with the guidelines issued in relation to images of children by the Authorities.